GAPPS Advocacy Toolkit – Advocate for Better Birth Outcomes

Thank you for your interest in taking action. We hope these materials will be useful to advocates for healthier birth outcomes across the country and around the world.

GAPPS Fact Sheets provide background on prematurity and stillbirth topics, and GAPPS’ programs.

Reports offer in-depth coverage of GAPPS and related projects.

LiveWire is a web news archive of articles and other resources compiled from the Internet. Send us an email at to sign up.

GAPPS in the News provides archived press releases and news articles featuring GAPPS.

In Videos you can listen to experts explain the issues in their own words.

Preterm Birth and Stillbirth Glossary provides definitions for commonly used preterm birth and stillbirth terms and acronyms.

Related Organizations provides links to resources from GAPPS’ collaborators.

Sample Letters to Elected Officials can help you get started writing to your elected officials about the importance of preterm birth and stillbirth.

Blogging and Social Media are a great way to raise awareness about issue that are important to you.

Sample Letters to the Editor can help you raise public awareness around the need to fund prematurity and stillbirth research.