Supporting Parents Grieving a Loss

At GAPPS, we want to recognize parents whose lives have been impacted by losing a baby to stillbirth or caring for a premature baby. Preterm birth and stillbirth impact the lives of parents, families, and infants all over the world, regardless of geography or socioeconomic status, and it is our goal to better understand the causes of preterm birth and stillbirth and ways to prevent them. This work is dedicated to parents dealing with the loss of a baby through stillbirth, and to those struggling to care for premature infants.

We recognize the profound pain and loneliness of grieving parents and extend our sincerest sympathy. There are many organizations available to help parents navigate loss, connect with others and move forward with their lives, as well as support for parents of premature babies. Explore these resources for more information.

Get Involved

Parents wishing to get involved with stillbirth and prematurity advocacy efforts can connect with others who support GAPPS’ mission by joining or starting a guild, as part of the Seattle Children’s Guild Association or by making a donation to support GAPPS’ efforts to improve global birth outcomes.

GAPPS Moms contribute to the GAPPS BioServices, making groundbreaking research possible by providing specimens and data.