Every Newborn Toolkit and Every Newborn Action Plan

Addressing newborn survival requires clear consensus on evidence, strategies and actions by a broad community of partners. Every Newborn is a roadmap for change, taking forward the United Nations Secretary General’s Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health by focusing specific attention on newborn health and identifying actions for improving their survival, health and development.

The plan was developed by a diverse group of stakeholders, led by WHO and UNICEF, and guided by the advice of countries and experts. GAPPS former Deputy Director Eve Lackritz, MD, has been intimately involved in the development and creation of the plan. The video below is from a panel discussion at the United Nations called "Prevention and care of preterm births and the Every Newborn Action Plan" and features Dr. Lackritz at the 51:00 mark.

The Every Newborn Toolkit provides practical support to all those engaged in promoting greater action and accountability on newborn and maternal health through national planning and programming, advocacy, research, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

The following resources are included in the Toolkit:


Every Newborn poster: This poster provides a summary of all of the components in the Toolkit.

Every Newborn brief: This two-page brief describes the background, audience, development plan and emerging themes for the Every Newborn Action Plan. It offers a useful introduction to the plan for potential partners who are considering participation in a national or global planning or advocacy.

Every Newborn communications pack: This section provides main messaging to harmonize advocacy among partners and in countries. It includes a section on frequently asked questions.

Every Newborn FAQ: A compilation of FAQs on the who, what and why of the Every Newborn Action Plan, with information on the process of development of the Plan and resources available to support the Every Newborn effort.


Newborn Health Tools: Some key analytical tools relating to newborn health are provided to encourage use of evidence and data to inform the newborn component.

Every Newborn bottleneck analysis tool: This tool aims to support countries to analyze health system bottlenecks and challenges preventing the scale up of high-impact, cost-effective interventions for newborns and identify solutions.

Final action plan: The Every Newborn action plan was adapted at the World Health assembly and launched on June 30, 2014.

Other materials to support consultations

Every Newborn plan outline: The draft outline of Every Newborn: an action plan to end preventable newborn deaths proposes options of a vision, goals, and targets as well as strategic directions with action areas.

Every Newborn PowerPoints: PowerPoint presentations are provided to support consultations and can be used to inform others about Every Newborn and the goals it aims to achieve.

  • Every Newborn PowerPoint: This presentation gives a detailed summary of the global newborn data, priority actions, and the way forward for developing the plan.
  • Current WHO Guidelines on Newborn Health: This presentation includes an overview of the priority interventions that Every Newborn will consider and the available World Health Organization guidelines for each

Library on newborn health: This document details selected newborn-related global and regional strategies, publications, and resource. These resources can also be used to inform the newborn component of policies, strategies and guidelines as well as assist in country consultation on the Every Newborn plan and the bottleneck analysis.

Knowledge Summary: "Delivering our Future: Survival and Health for Every Newborn" explores key evidence and proven interventions that can reduce at least two thirds of the estimated 2.9 million newborns that die, and the additional 2.6 million babies that are stillborn each year

The full Every Newborn Toolkit, including the toolkit in other languages, can be found at https://www.healthynewbornnetwork.org/resource/every-newborn-toolkit-outline/.

Read the 2014 Partners' Forum Communication: Ensuring the health and well-being of every woman, child, newborn and adolescent.